4 Hunks Teaser Hunk New Generation 2.0 - Exposure

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This season The Teaser Hunk Jammer stole the front access from the Dirty Cyclist singlet.
Besides having a silk touch spandex for your Bulge, and the teasing mesh sport, now this jammer also comes with front access 😈. Giving you 3 ways to play with this jammer.

Spandex for bulging
Mesh for teasing
Front access, umm you know what for 😜


The Extra Exposure version comes in white, for more extra sheer on your bulge.
Perfect if you love taking a shower or a bath 🛁 in your spandex. This white version will look 🤤 when wet 💦💦💦.
The white will give an extra sheer to your butt, legs, and bulge 😈.
We shaped the back of the shorts to give you a nice bubble ass!
The mesh on the front gives the right amount of sheer, as the doctor prescribed 😈.

Get guys dripping 💦 with super versatile jammer!


85% Polyamide 15% Elastane

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