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The time of liberation is nigh. Today is the day to embrace irony and release your body from dull and expressionless men's underwear. Express your individuality & refuse your inner ultra-conformist. The Bum-Chums Basik AF collection is here. Peace out!

Our Aqua Singlet is a just the kinda chill you need the world to get with! So pour yourself a soda and tell them it's champagne and live your best life. And for goodness sake, if you're making a video, remember to rub your abs and flicker your eyelashes as you do it!

Made from 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex, these are possibly the most stretchy men's singlets on the market. Giving extra clinginess and outlines in all the places you'd expect. Trust us, they leave nothing to the imagination from front to back. But my god, just look at the ass in that!!!

The cut and style is designed to be an all over men's wrestling singlet but with attention given to the form-focussing side panels to accentuate the masculine form while of course stretching to look like it's sprayed on!

Sizes for Bum-Chums Pants are sometime more of an art than a science and we know that the way underwear fits is a really personal choice, with some wanting more snug and some liking more room.

Before picking your size you should know that Bum-Chums uses fabrics with quite a bit of stretch and a high lycra or elastane content compared to many brands of men's underwear.


 Size Short To fit Waist (Inches) To fit Waist (CM)
Extra Small XS 26-30 66-76
Small S 30-32 76-81
Medium M 32-34 81-86
Large L 34-36 86-91
Extra Large XL 36-38 91-96
2X Extra Large 2XL 38-40 96-101
3X Extra Large 3XL 40-42 101-106