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This is exclusive to the UNB Store. The UNB Tim prints have been seen on Instagram and UNB Blog. The unique style of the prints mixes color and cartoon styles to create a distinctive style that focuses on men and men’s underwear.  UNB Tim created the print Emoji Fun. It comes in 2 different sizes a 5x7 print or an 8x10 print. Larger sizes are available on a custom basis. The price for the 5x7 Print is $25, and the 8x10 is $40.  Each print is a high-quality premium cardstock art print. This may delay shipping due to getting the prints produced. You can see more art at UNB Tim’s Instagram account - @unbtim  This print is a set of three of the most popular emoji. They come as a set. The emojis are the peach, eggplant, and splash (or water, who knows what they call it). This set of emojis is perfect for adding a bit of fun to any room. The distinct style of the prints makes them a great addition to any home decor. The vibrant colors and unique cartoon style bring personality to any room. Capture your favorite moments and have a smile on your face whenever you look at them.