4 HUNKS talks Dirty Wrestler Singlet

You design awesome jocks, underwear and more, what inspires you to make your gear?

Guys that I date are my inspiration for my gear. If I am dating a guy and I feel inspired by him, my head gets creative. So I think to myself I want to have a long session with him. Then I start to imagine how I would like to dress him up for a long session. And how am I going to get him excited in this session with a gear.

So, all the designs that I have are made from private hot dates that I had. Things that I tried and I think it is worth to share and that people should experience it.

On top of that, I also think about how am I going to boost his body or the male body. I look for the right proportions and patterns to drive the attention to the right spots and to emphasize body parts accordantly to the fantasy.

This new design is incredibly sexy, what made you create. Why did you make a singlet out of mesh?

I always want to connect the design to an experience that I am exploring at the time. In the last year, I got into edging. So I started edging a lot of guys and create a 4 Hunks Xtube channel for it. Since edging is a mind game for me, I thought to myself, how am I going to take this experience to the next level.So I thought it would be a great idea to have a singlet with a front opening, where you can tease the guys and pull out his cock through the front opening. I thought it would be a hot situation. So the dirty cyclist singlet was born.

I decided to make the singlet in mesh because I’ve been dating this guy and he is not into spandex. But he gets very excited with mesh. I knew that the singlet with the front opening would drive him crazy and in mesh, he would look hot AF and I would go crazy with it. The mesh is about that undeniable feeling when you touch his bulge over the mesh, that no one can resist. And you see he is halfway there already!

There are three colors, what made you pick these colors?

I believe colors translate your mood and personality. I want to have a sporty color combination red and blue, a new color code - aqua for the emoji 💦💦💦 which a lot of guys use on dating apps and a more butch color combination with the orange.

What is 4 Hunks philosophy for underwear/gear?

At 4 Hunks, we believe that gear should boost your body and make you look fantastic and confident. So we design gear that we believe it will make a difference in your daily life.

Who should buy this singlet?

This singlet is for everybody who wants to spice their sexual life. But especially for those who want to take a shy date out of their comfort zone and have a fantastic new experience.

I hope that everybody that purchases this singlet has as much fun as I do on my dates.

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