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I received an email this week asking about pouch issues with a brand. It got me thinking that I should share some tips for finding a suitable pouch. Most of you guys list pouch issues as one of the most significant issues you have buying new underwear.    Get a pair with a pouch - This may seem like a no-brainer, but many pairs of underwear don't have a built-in pouch design. While there is nothing wrong with these pairs, look for contour or ergonomically designed pairs if you are after a supportive pouch. Brands like Ergowear make several different pouches...

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Pouches are one thing that always is an essential factor in our reader survey. You guys want one that fits you and gives you ample support. One company that I have loved for years is Ergowear. They take pouch design seriously and offer four of the best-designed pouches in men’s underwear. The four designs are the X3D, Max, Feel, and X4D X3D The official description of the X3D – Whatever the weather, you’ll look great in one of these Bikini- briefs, no matter your shape. You’ll experience extra-dimensional comfort and full-support, because of the pioneering front-enhancing X3D pouch. Our nose-shaped...

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