4 Pouches of Ergowear

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4 Pouches of Ergowear

Pouches are one thing that always is an essential factor in our reader survey. You guys want one that fits you and gives you ample support. One company that I have loved for years is Ergowear. They take pouch design seriously and offer four of the best-designed pouches in men’s underwear. The four designs are the X3D, Max, Feel, and X4D


The official description of the X3D – Whatever the weather, you’ll look great in one of these Bikini- briefs, no matter your shape. You’ll experience extra-dimensional comfort and full-support, because of the pioneering front-enhancing X3D pouch. Our nose-shaped X3D pouch gently lifts your genitals and provides enough room, without making you feel that constricting sensation of regular underwear. So comfortable & supportive that you’ll be able to take part in any kind of activities despite the type of movement.


There isn’t a detailed listing of the Max but here is what they say about it. 3-dimensional, nose-shaped, lifting & enhancing effect, large size, vertically flat-sewn seam, no lining.


The official description of the Feel Pouch: You’ll FEEL comfortable and fully-supported in this Gatsby brief anywhere, anytime, because of the leading-edge, half-moon-shaped FEEL pouch by Ergowear. The front-enhancing FEEL pouch enables you to place your anatomy to the front or sideways, without being confining or too tight. Ideal for all front sizes, even for well-endowed guys. If you are new to pouch underwear, this is the pouch to start with; as it is the perfect pal for the transition between regular to pouch men’s underwear. You’ll fall for them!


The official description of the X4D: You’ll experience extra-dimensional comfort, full-support, and an exceptional sensation in one of these X4D undergarments thanks to the pioneering & enhancing X4D pouch. The nose-shaped X4D pouch follows the natural contour of your genitals without making you feel that constricting sensation of regular underwear. Not only does it give you plenty of room for your anatomy, but also a slight lifting/enhancing effect. They feel so comfy & supportive that you’ll be able to take part in any kind of activities, no matter what you do.

These are a lot of pouches and a lot of information. But it’s to show you that Ergowear takes designing underwear seriously. I have been wearing them for over 10 years and love their fit. So here is the break down of the pouches in my real language.

Max – is a traditional pouch for me. It’s designed to give you plenty of support. I believe it’s their first pouch they created. It does give you a bit of an enhanced look under clothes, so consider that. Perfect for sports and working out. The Max Mesh boxer briefs are the best boxer briefs I own.

X3D – is genuinely an engineering marvel in men’s underwear. It’s specifically designed to fit a guy naturally. It’s not as enhancing as the Max but will lift things somewhat. It feels fantastic when I wear these. This is my favorite pouch! These are my everyday pairs that I wear to work and around. It is also the first pouch I ever tried.

Feel – This is my least favorite of the pouches. And it’s purely a personal preference. The Feel pouch is for a guy who wants to hang naturally. It has more room than other pouches and gives you a bit more freedom. I want a little more keep things in place. If this is what you like, you will love this line!

X4D – I have yet to get a pair, but feedback is they are amazing. It’s the next breakthrough in the world of underwear! Well, ok we’re not solving world problems, but we can be comfortable while we do it. I plan to do a review very soon about these and give my honest opinion. But I have a feeling I will love them.

Here is the overview of Ergowear. I hope this helps you make a decision about which pouch is for you!

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Originally published on UNB Blog on Sept 1, 2019