Does Your Masculinity define your choices in underwear?

Does Your Masculinity define your choices in underwear?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, Masculinity is - "the characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or for men."


What are the characteristics associated with men in our society?


  1. Physical Traits: Traditionally, Masculinity often emphasizes physical strength, endurance, and athleticism.
  2. Behavioral Traits: Men often feel societal pressure to embody masculine traits like assertiveness, competitiveness, and independence. They are frequently expected to be confident, decisive, and willing to take risks, even if it's not their natural inclination.
  3. Emotional Expression: In many cultures, Masculinity is linked with emotional restraint. Men might be encouraged to suppress emotions such as fear, sadness, or vulnerability while expressing anger or pride might be more socially acceptable.
  4. Roles and Responsibilities: Traditional masculine roles include providing and protecting. Men might be expected to take on leadership roles within the family and broader societal contexts.
  5. Cultural and Social Expectations: Societal norms and media portrayals significantly shape what is considered masculine. These expectations can vary widely, and what is seen as masculine in one culture may not be in another.
  6. Changing Perspectives: Contemporary views on Masculinity are evolving. There is increasing recognition of the harm caused by rigid gender roles and a growing acceptance of a diverse range of masculine identities. This includes greater acceptance of emotional expression, diverse sexual orientations, and non-traditional gender roles, ensuring everyone's identity is respected.


How do these ideals of Masculinity affect the underwear guys wear?


  1. Some Pairs are not Masculine enough for men: For decades, guys and some women have considered pairs like bikinis or thongs to be "feminine." And if a guy wears such styles, he is less masculine than guys who sport boxers or boxer briefs.
  2. Not wearing what you love: As mentioned in the previous point, this inhibits guys from wearing the styles they want to wear for fear of being singled out and questioned about their Masculinity. For example, many guys will only wear boxers or briefs when other guys see their underwear. A prime example of this is the change in the gym locker room.
  3. Feeling Shame about underwear: When we come of age and discover our love of underwear, many times, guys think Shame about what they like to wear and throw all their underwear away. They can't be a masculine guy and wear a pink bikini or thong.
  4. Wear uncomfortable underwear for their partner or to fit in: Some guys wear what their partner buys them even though they hate it. They long for something more fun and creative but languish in a land of boring boxers without support. They do this because that is what is expected of them.


At the UNB Store, we don't believe any of these reasons, and you define your version of Masculinity. Underwear doesn't have a gender, doesn't define sexuality, and isn't the determination of what is masculine. We have a Bill of Rights for the underwear guys out there that we follow and hope you guys support as well.


  1. Guys should wear whatever they want: No style is off-limits to men. From boxers to thongs, you choose what you should wear every day.
  2. Wear what you want where you want: No guy should ever be made to feel he has to wear something different to the gym, the doctor's office, or anywhere else. We say to wear that thong to the gym, wear the pink bikini to the doctor's office, and wear that black lace thong on your first date.
  3. Buy what you want without Shame or judgment: Guys should be able to walk into a department store and buy a thong without feeling anxious about what the person behind the counter thinks. The same goes if he wants to buy lingerie. No one wants to hear that what they find sexy and fun is wrong.
  4. Guys should be able to ask for advice: A lot of times, guys need help finding where to turn to for advice on underwear. They have to rely on research they do, but we should be able to ask and get honest advice from stores on products. Is the pouch small? What is the sizing? And the like.
  5. You define your version of Masculinity. Each guy has his version, but no matter what your version of Masculinity is, it is always the correct definition. You can be just as masculine in lingerie as in a jockstrap.
  6. Underwear is a personal expression. No two underwear guys are alike, and you should be free to express yourself in any way you choose. It is the most personal clothing item you can wear. It's often the one piece of clothing you have total control over, mainly due to dress codes and uniforms. Only you can choose how to express your personality.


I believe in every one of these points. I have long advocated for guys to wear what they love through Underwear News Briefs and the Brief Talk Podcasts. When I opened the UNB Store, I wanted a safe store where guys could buy anything they wanted. There is no judgment from myself or any staff member at the UNB Store. I love seeing some orders come in, which have a mix of items or all lingerie. It shows I am living up to the goals, and you guys feel comfortable buying from the store.


You can email me here at the store or directly message me on Instagram and Twitter @UNBTim. Feel free to share questions or comments or talk underwear with me. We will always be a store for guys who love underwear and support men living their best lives.